5 biggest changes from patch 6.12

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1. ARAM facelift

ARAM seemed fine the way it was, but patch 6.12 gave it a huge facelift that showed everyone how desperately it needed some love. Who knows why it happened, but Riot turned 6.12 into a patch that was geared towards ARAM more than anything else.

The first simple thing they did was help out champions who are hurt just by playing ARAM. Bard’s chimes now spawn faster, Nasus’ Q stacks are doubled and Thresh’s soul count is doubled. Those are all simple changes that will improve those champions greatly on Howling Abyss.

The most exciting change, however, is the overall pace of ARAM. It’s a lot faster now, and Riot did that in two ways.

First, every summoner spell besides Clarity and Mark/Dash has a 40 percent cooldown reduction. That means players will be able to flash every three minutes and ignite players every two minutes. Awesome!

The second thing Riot did was add Homestart. For the first five minutes of the game, leaving the fountain grants a 50 percent movement speed buff for 10 seconds. Hopefully, that does make the action start a lot quicker.

There were a lot of other changes (experience and gold pacing, health packs, map changes and item changes), but these are the most exciting ones.

ARAM was already an insanely fun game mode, and now it’s even better. Kudos, Riot.

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