2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 4 power rankings

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10. Phoenix1

Phoenix1 took a game from Apex in Week 3 and that was probably the best they were ever going to do.

The worst team in the NA LCS is not only having to deal with an overall inferior team, but they are also having a lot of roster issues right now. This team might be able to steal a series from another bottom team at some point, but their roster will need some stability before that can ever happen. That’s especially true if they are going to make it out of the promotion tournament alive.

However, if they are ever to win a series, Saturday against NRG Esports will be one of their best opportunities.

9. Echo Fox

People still love Echo Fox, that’s cool, but at this point, you have to love them for the personalities they have — not because of anything they are doing on the Rift.

The team is playing awful right now and they need to change how they approach the game before they can even consider turning things around.

Echo Fox has lost five series in a row after winning their opening series of the split, and their next win probably won’t come against either TSM or Apex this weekend.

This team had playoff hopes coming into the summer, but now they have to focus on simply avoiding the promotion tournament.

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