2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 4 power rankings

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8. NRG Esports

It was a rough time for NRG Esports last weekend, but they still showed some promise. At the very least, they confirmed that they aren’t the same dreadful team that started the split.

This team has a lot of talent, but it really does seem like they can’t play as a complete unit yet. Some teams can never fully get to that point, but hopefully for NRG’s case, they can get there after more time together.

They probably don’t have a chance against Cloud9 on Sunday, but they should be able to get things going against Phoenix1 the day before.

It would officially be time to worry if they struggle against Phoenix1.

7. Apex

Apex has easily looked like the most average team in the NA LCS so far.

They can look very good at times, but they are usually pretty bad in all those other moments. Their players haven’t been shy to say they are having team atmosphere issues (mainly due to the language barrier they have to deal with), and they need to clear all that up before they can consider getting on a winning path.

Apex should continue to take down the weaker teams in the region while falling to the top teams.

They have one of their more favorable schedules this weekend as they face off against Team Liquid and Echo Fox.

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