2016 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 4 power rankings

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2. Immortals

Similar to Cloud9, Immortals is a top team that can be very inconsistent. It’s almost like they play down to the level of their opponents whenever they play teams they are supposed to easily defeat.

This upcoming week isn’t the toughest schedule a team could have, but series against Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid could prove to be tricky for Immortals. It shouldn’t be surprising if they lose one of those series.

Immortals still look really sloppy at times, and you can tell they took a vacation after the Spring Split. It’s surprising that it’s taking them this long to get it together after already playing with each other for a split, but maybe the best-of-three format has been more difficult for them than expected.

Everyone is waiting for this team to hit its stride.

1. TSM

TSM has been at the top of the power rankings ever since the season started, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon.

The team looks lightyears ahead of everyone else in the NA LCS, and it sounds like they have the coaching staff that will keep them hungry and humble even when they are dominating their region.

The only top team they haven’t faced yet is Team Envy, and luckily we will get that showdown on Sunday. TSM will probably look to send a message with another dominating performance.

The world just needs to sit back and watch TSM grow this split. They might turn into the greatest team North America has ever had.

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