10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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The list of annoying League of Legends champions could go on for days, but here is the top 10.

Throughout the years, everybody has had their share of heart-wrenching experiences with a stray Teemo shroom, a 15-0 Rengar or a Singed running around in your base. This toxic list will surely bring back painful memories, so bring out the salt and go ahead and forfeit at 20 because we’re going full tilt.

First, we have to set some rules for what we’re considering as “annoying.” Because the meta is constantly changing, a champion that is broken on the current patch won’t instantly be considered the most annoying. Longevity of annoyance is going to be the primary indication: who has been annoying no matter what patch?

Characters that give little to no counter-play and have always been that way will likely be on the list, so let’s get this over with.

Honorable Mentions:

Riven: The never-ending jumps, shield with an AD ratio and massive AoE damage is broken. She didn’t make the cut because tanks have been able to shut her down and other characters have been even worse lately, but she’s a classically obnoxious champion.

Annie: Annie doesn’t need much of an explanation. She is known for being one of the least mechanically intensive champions in the game, yet she has the power to instantly burst down any mildly squishy targets.

Cho’gath: Unfortunately, this massive tank gets endless sustain for free simply by killing minions. He can have 5,000 hp and still  one-shot your carries. Luckily, he has high cooldowns and low mobility to balance the frustration, but an instant 100-0 with his true damage ultimate is painful to see.

Caitlyn: The 650 range on her auto attack is literally the only annoying thing about her kit, but it is so oppressive in lane it can win her the game from the laning phase alone.

Kassadin: Kassadin isn’t nearly as dominant now as he was back when his Q had a silence and his Riftwalk could bring him nearly twice the distance, but he still creates mayhem by Riftwalking across the map. Good luck if you see a fed one of these in your game.

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