10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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2. Singed

It’s hard to say who is evil enough to actually play this champion in ranked games. The sinking feeling of seeing a singed run freely in your base without being able to do anything about it is just about as bad as a game can make you feel.

Not much more needs to be said about Singed. He is a champion whose existence is built around getting you to waste time chasing him around. That’s stressful.

Sometimes, you have to wonder if Riot actually wants you to have fun playing this game. It can’t even be fun for the Singed player – can it?

In order to do well against Singed, you have to follow one simple rule: do not chase him. The only way he can deal damage with the typical AP tank build is for you to run into his poison. As much as he seems to be a free kill, his ultimate and ghost are enough to outrun and out-tank almost anything. Keep in mind, he will do as much as he can to waste as much of your time as possible and will even die just for some map pressure. He’s a unique champion in this respect and throws off many people when they play against him.

Just do the impossible and do not let him tilt you. The good news is that he takes a long time to scale up, as most of his items are expensive, like Rylai’s. Try to win the game before he gets to that point.

Most annoying ability; Poison Trail

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