10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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1. Soraka

Well, we made it this far. We’ve been through assassins, tanks and mages, but nothing can come close to the banana queen.

This support terror can allow an out of position character to go from no health to full in a matter of seconds. The frustration of getting a strong trade against an enemy ADC to simply see all of your work stolen away is the essence of every character on this list.

This, coupled with the fact that she can save characters from anywhere on the map, is what drives most of us crazy. Never hesitate to ban Soraka. Every game, no exceptions.

The tip for playing against Soraka is simple: the only thing you need to do is kill her. Use almost everything you can to get her caught out, because as much as it feels like it isn’t worth it, it probably is. Once she is dead, your opponents will be missing the constant regeneration she’s been giving them and will fall much easier.

The problem comes when you face a truly good Soraka who knows very well how to stay alive.

If that happens, good luck.

Pick champions that can catch her out, such as Leona or Ashe, and use their pick tools to your advantage. If you can kill Soraka, you can win.

Most annoying ability: Astral Infusion

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