10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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10. Zilean

Zilean has been breaking the souls of League players since his release. His ability to revive the most idiotic players and save teams that truly do not deserve to win is what lands him at number 10.

His update, which forced him to at least land a skill shot to do damage with his bombs, removed some of his tilting power, but unfortunately, they added a stun to his kit, essentially balancing the scales.

All of this on top of the fact that he can boost his movement speed to fly around the map just creates an unkillable god, ready to revive anybody you put your damage into.

The good news with Zilean is that even with his ability to revive, if you catch him out far enough, you can just kill him again. Other champions on this list actually have the potential to beat him, and if you play a high mobility champion, he likely can’t hit you with his bombs.

That doesn’t prevent him from using his ult, however, which is still the essence of his troll core.

He is played mid, as well as support, and is a strong champion when it comes to zoning a team off of a turret. You can simply place the bombs around a team trying to clear minion waves and make them choose whether they want to take damage or save the turret.

Most annoying ability: Chronoshift

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