10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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9. Zed

Although Zed is frustrating for many squishy carries to face, he does have counters in terms of champions and build paths. Hourglass is always a good option for any AP character and QSS was always a must for any ADC facing Zed, but as of recently, QSS no longer removes his ultimate.

The nerf to QSS is what made this slippery shadow ninja land at number nine, because as of now, there is little to be done about a fed Zed. The one redeeming quality is that at least Zed has a very high skill cap, so unless you’re playing in the higher tiers, you likely can play around his strength. Otherwise, you might as well ban him.

A huge part of your ability to shut down Zed will be based around champion select. Often, when a team picks Zed, they will have too much AD on their team, so any champions that stack armor well, such as Rammus and Malphite, are strong against him.

Also, large amounts of crowd control are effective at saving your ADC from a fed Zed. Make sure you have people that can lock him down once he uses his ultimate since he will lose a huge portion of his damage that way.

Most annoying ability: Death Mark

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