10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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8. Heimerdinger

Few feelings are worse than what you experience when you walk to a lane with three Heimerdinger turrets already set up. In many cases, it’s a sign that you’ll be farming under your turret for the rest of the game, especially with the new build of Banner of Command into Zz’rot (You better hope you’re an AD champion).

What makes the situation even worse is that Heimerdinger is basically ungankable since he always has his turrets to run back to. He can easily 2v1 and any lane vs. him is certainly a nightmare. It may not be as deadly as being one-shot by a fed assassin, but the slow death Heimer brings to your team is just as painful.

Make sure to pick a champion with a hearty amount of wave clear if you know you will be facing a Heimerdinger because he will constantly be shoving his wave (he has no choice because his turrets shoot automatically). Beating a Heimerdinger in lane is not necessarily about shoving him out or even killing him, but just about keeping your turret alive as long as possible. If he can’t split push, he’s much less effective than other strong mid laners.

Keep an eye out for when Heimer finishes core items, like Zhonya’s Hourglass. This item will be key if you try to venture into turret range and then find yourself unable to kill the sneaky scientist. His turrets will then likely clean you up, so be prepared.

Most annoying ability: H-28G Evolution Turret

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