10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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7. Rengar

At least in the case of Zed, there’s an argument to be made for skill balancing his potentially ridiculous damage output, but with Rengar, there is virtually no counterplay.

Once an ADC sees the exclamation point over their head, they are already dead. The point and click damage from his empowered Q is enough to one-shot a squishy before you can even react and his empowered E will keep you stunned in place if you are left with a sliver of health.

It is possible to stay with your team, and although you’ll still likely die, Rengar has no escapes after he has ulted. Your team may kill him, but the frustration of that instant death is what makes Rengar so annoying to deal with.

Rengar’s kill potential is so high that it is almost a necessity that you build a Guardian Angel. This is assuming he is fed, of course. A 0-10 Rengar shouldn’t be a problem, assuming you still stay with your team. Even one feeding as horribly as that has the potential to kill you if you venture on your own, so be wary of your teammates and how close they are to saving your life if the kitty comes.

Most annoying ability: Thrill of the Hunt

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