10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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6. Zac

Zac is probably the champion people will be most surprised to find on this list. Even though he is a relatively new champion, he has found plenty of ways to terrorize solo queue players.

He’s one of the tankiest characters in the game and if he builds even one damage item, he has enough power to easily solo kill a carry. His constant healing from his blobs lets him beat many tanks in a one-on-one battle and he has a huge amount of crowd control.

The tilt king of Zac’s kit, however, is his passive which allows him to revive. Not only does it let this monster of a champion come back alive if you do not kill his blobs, it’s even possible to teleport to the blobs to make him invincible, guaranteeing a revive. If that isn’t tilt-worthy to you, then there probably isn’t anything that gets to you.

It’s important to ward your flanks and everywhere you plan to venture when playing against a Zac. Almost consider it like you’re playing against a Fiddlesticks because he can jump from anywhere and disrupt your team enough to make you lose the fight. The more you can prepare for the blob flying into your face, the better you’ll be able to do against him. It’s also possible to crowd control him out of his Slingshot, so keep that in mind.

Most annoying ability: (Passive) Cell Division

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