10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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5. Teemo

Teemo is the most obvious choice for the list. Everything about this champion screams troll, from the invisible mushrooms littered all over the map, to the blind and invisibility.

You may be surprised Teemo is so low on the list, and this is simply because even though Teemo has become the representative of annoying champions, there are simply some who have less counter-play and more frustrating tools. Teemo may be annoying, but he’s definitely not impossible to beat.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that he is extremely frustrating, especially with the advent of a new on-hit build where he builds Runaan’s Hurricane and Frozen Mallet.

Melee champions – beware.

If you want to counter the one we call “Satan,” be sure to get as many red trinkets as possible and sweep out objectives before you try to approach them. This will save your team plenty of flaming and potentially even their lives, as a fed Teemo shroom can chunk you from full to half health easily.

Also, a promptly purchased Banshees Veil can save you from a deadly demise at the hands of Teemo.

Most annoying ability: (Ob)Noxious Trap

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