10 most annoying League of Legends champions

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3. Fizz

Nobody enjoys playing against this slippery demon. His aptly-named “troll pole” makes a high-damage assassin become untargetable every few seconds while dealing heaps of damage and covering massive ground. He one-shots squishy champions, two-shots tanky ones and is nearly unkillable.

Ever since the popularized 40% CDR build on Fizz, it turned an annoying champion into a godlike one. Luckily, Riot recently nerfed the salty squid, but it feels like it will never be enough, unless they completely remove his playful trickster from the game. Hourglass just makes this even worse.

The true sign of an overpowered champion is one that can transcend specific roles, which is something fizz has certainly achieved. He is not only available for play as an AP assassin in the mid lane, but has also seen play as AP or AD in the jungle and even tank in the top lane. Even building full tank, he is able to deal huge amounts of damage, due to his percent health shred. He has seen competitive play in all three roles, truly signifying something uniquely obnoxious.

Tips for playing against him are scarce because there are few tools to use against him. He has a lack of wave clear, so any champions that can constantly push the lane might do okay against him. Also, champions that can constantly throw out damage, rather than relying on long cooldowns, fare well against Fizz. Champions such as Ryze and Orianna are known to do well.

Most annoying ability: Playful Trickster

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