2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 6 of the Summer Split

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10. Phoenix1

The boys actually did it, they got their first win of the split — and ultimately — as an organization.

Their series against Apex was one of their more winnable ones, and they took full advantage of the opportunity. It was starting to look like they might finish the summer winless, and that would have been extremely unfortunate (bad look to the NA LCS as a whole).

Phoenix1 is finally starting to get a solid roster going to end out the split after having visa issues, and it’s possible that they could steal another series at some point. Their roster is never going to be incredibly, but it definitely has some talent on it.

If they were ever going to win again, this week makes sense as they face off against Echo Fox on Saturday. Echo Fox will come in just as hungry for a win as Phoenix1, but the latter might be able to turn last week’s victory into some positive momentum.

9. Echo Fox

Does anyone know what happened to Echo Fox? It’s simply shocking to see that they are this bad.

While they aren’t currently dead last in the power rankings, it’s definitely possible for them to end up there sooner rather than later.

They made some changes heading into Week 4 and stole the first game from TSM in their series, but that led to nothing. It gave their fans hope at the time, but since then, they have lost to Apex, Team Envy and NRG Esports.

They sky should start falling for Echo Fox if they lose to Phoenix1 this weekend.

The goal for this team should be to hold down their NA LCS spot in the promotion tournament, and they should look to make some roster moves soon. There’s no reason to carry on with this current unit — some people have to go.

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