2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 6 of the Summer Split

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8. NRG Esports

There are three teams in the NA LCS that make it very apparent they are the worst teams in the region: Phoenix1, Echo Fox and NRG Esports.

At the end of the day, NRG is simply the best of that bunch.

Yes, there will be some days when the men in pink challenge one of the top teams in the standings, but that’s purely on the talent this roster has. They are a bad team, but they can sometimes make some magic happen.

Surprisingly, NRG is only one series back from both Counter Logic Gaming and Apex for the final playoff spot, but it would be quite shocking to see them knock one of those teams out.

If NRG does miraculously make the playoffs, it’s basically a guarantee that they will get knocked out in the first round.

7. Apex

Apex has been the most average team in North America this summer, and if anyone was going to give Phoenix1 their first win ever, it shouldn’t be surprising to see it come from Apex.

There are times when this team can look pretty solid, but when they are bad, they are bad.

Apex had an impressive 2-0 to start off the summer, but in the four weeks since then, the team has only been able to take down Phoenix1 and Echo Fox. That isn’t very promising at all.

They should already bank on losing to TSM on Sunday, but their series against NRG Esports on Saturday should be considered a must-win for them.

Things could start to go downhill fast if Apex has another winless week.

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