2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 6 of the Summer Split

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2. Immortals

Immortals is finally starting to get on a roll.

It was a shaky start to the summer, probably because the team took a vacation after the Spring Split, but the team has looked dominant as of late.

Their last two weeks have consisted of series against Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid, Apex and Cloud9, and Immortals have dominated each of those contests.

It’s a good thing they are hot now because the are in for a tough week against Team Envy and Team Liquid.

Immortals’ measuring point will always be TSM, however, and the two of them don’t meet again until the final week of the regular season.

Imagine if Immortals crush TSM’s hopes of a perfect regular season.

1. TSM

It was another week of domination for TSM.

It’s probably hard for them to stay motivated and focused whenever they are running over everyone they play, but losing the first game of their series against Echo Fox a couple of weeks ago seemed to have added some urgency to the squad.

They completely crushed Phoenix1 (as they should) and looked even more impressive against Counter Logic Gaming. The back-to-back NA LCS champions might not be an elite team at the moment, but it’s still impressive to see TSM dismantle them so easily.

With only four weeks remaining in the regular season, the goal for TSM has to be to remain undefeated.

Their remaining schedule isn’t difficult at all, but their Friday night showdown against Cloud9 this week is one of their best remaining tests.

TSM members have repeatedly given their respect to Cloud9 whenever talking about teams that can test them, and their last series was a good one with TSM winning 2-1.

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