2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 8 of the Summer Split

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10. Echo Fox

Echo Fox has seemed dead for weeks, and things didn’t get any easier as they played TSM and Immortals in Week 7.

Everyone knew how those series would go.

The remaining games on their schedule are tough, and if they are going to break their horrid losing streak, their best chance at winning is against Apex this Friday night.

If they lose that, it’s safe to say they will lose the other three series to end the split, and that would mean Echo Fox would end the summer with a 1-17 record.

No one saw that type of performance coming from Echo Fox whenever the split started, but hey, that’s why we play the games.

The record should be the last thing on their minds, however, as they should simply be looking to improve every chance they get.

The competition from the Challenger Series in the promotion tournament will be strong, and Echo Fox look like they could lose their NA LCS spot.

That would be a tragedy.

9. Phoenix1

After picking up their first wins of the split, the best shot at another victory for Phoenix1 was against NRG Esports this past week, and they were able to make it happen.

It’s nice to seem them finally come into their own, and if you were rankings teams purely on the last few weeks, they’d probably be above teams like NRG Esports and Apex. After all, they did beat each of those teams.

Sadly, their winning streak might be officially over as they must play TSM and Cloud9 this week. They also end the split against Immortals, but they do face off against Team Envy to start Week 9, and that should be a winnable series for them.

The way Phoenix1 look right now, they shouldn’t be too worried about what the promotion tournament has in store for them.

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