2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 8 of the Summer Split

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8. NRG Esports 

Week 7 explained NRG Esports in a nutshell: lose to Phoenix1 only to take down Team Envy — because that makes a lot of sense.

This biggest thing for NRG right now is avoiding the promotion tournament. They most likely wouldn’t lose their spot in the NA LCS if they are forced to play in it, but it’s not a position anyone wants to be in.

With only two weeks left, NRG currently holds the final spot for the promotion tournament, but the are only one win behind Apex in the standings. It would take a miraculous effort, but there’s still a chance for them to surpass Apex in the standings to avoid the tournament.

Unfortunately, their last two weeks consist of games against Immortals, Team Liquid, Counter Logic Gaming and TSM.

Yeah, maybe they should just plan on defending their spot in the NA LCS.

7. Apex

Apex had a grand opportunity to make a big push for the playoffs in Week 7, but they straight up choked the moment away.

If they were going to make the playoffs, one of either Counter Logic Gaming or Team Envy would have to miss out, and it was obvious that it would have to the latter.

Apex faced off against Envy on Sunday for what could have been a big moment for them, but even after winning the first game of the series, they allowed Envy to win the other two — ultimately killing Apex’s chance at making the playoffs.

At this point, Apex can now put their attention on avoiding the promotion tournament.

That seemed impossible for them at the beginning of the split, but at the rate they are going, NRG Esports could pass them in the standings which would put Apex in the tournament.

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