2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 8 of the Summer Split

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6. Team Envy

It’s almost comical how quickly things changed for Team Envy.

An easy opening schedule allowed them to start out hot which made us wonder if they were actually a top team or not, and while they did look like a solid team, they’ve been exposed during the past few weeks. They are an average team — and one that can have very low lows.

They lost to NRG Esports this past week and nearly lost to Apex. If they would have actually lost the second series, their playoff hopes would have taken a huge hit.

However, they were able to come up big when it mattered and took down Apex to keep their playoff chances looking good.

While Envy should make the playoffs, they are almost certain to lose in the first round.

5. Counter Logic Gaming

Hopefully, Week 7 wasn’t a fluke, because it was by far the best week CLG has had this summer.

Coming into the week, they didn’t have any good performances against a top team, and that was pretty scary considering they had to play Immortals and Cloud9.

Something must have clicked over the past couple of weeks because CLG played like a much more confident team and it definitely showed. They nearly took down Immortals and were able to defeat Cloud9. That had to be huge for everyone on the team.

They start off Week 8 with a series against Liquid, and that should be a good test to see where they are at. If they are able to take them down, then they have officially moved up a couple of pegs to the tier of Cloud9 and Liquid.

It would be exciting to see them make a similar playoff run to what TSM did last split.

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