2016 NA LCS power rankings for Week 8 of the Summer Split

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2. Immortals

It has been a handful of weeks since Immortals last looked a bit shaky, but that kind of happened this week.

Everyone was just waiting for Counter Logic Gaming to get their crap together against a top team, and unfortunately for Immortals, it happened against them.

They might have come into the series overconfident, because they played like a team that just got punched in the face during a fight they weren’t prepared for at all.

Immortals still pulled out the victory, but the series could have easily gone over to CLG had one or two things went slightly different.

Hopefully, this was just a flukey series, because Immortals don’t want to go down a similar path to how they ended the Spring Split regular season.

In the spring, they weren’t that impressive in the final weeks and seemed to be scraping by, and that ultimately led to their downfall in the playoffs.

This upcoming week will be big for them as it could be easy to lose a series with the upcoming TSM series on their minds.

1. TSM

TSM has passed each and every test that has been thrown their way this summer.

We always get excited whenever they play a top team because it should be a good series, but things never turn out that way.

Liquid was looking really good coming into the series against TSM, and yet the undefeated squad made Liquid look like a bottom of the standings type of team.

The question for the last handful of weeks has been if TSM will go undefeated or not, and they really only have one more test to pass to make that happen: Immortals in Week 9.

They face off against Phoenix1 and Team Envy this week, and those are going to be two easy victories for TSM.

However, this is one of the most mature and driven teams the NA LCS has ever seen, and they seem to come into each week with the mindset of being a better version of themselves than in the weeks prior.

There is still room for improvement with this team, and it will be exciting to see if they can reach their full potential.

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