50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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These are the 50 best League of Legends champions the game has ever had.

We all have our favorite champions, but some are objectively spectacularly designed, have special moments or are just fun to watch. This is going to be a list based on numerous criteria that will place the heroes of the Rift in order from good to greatest. There are only going to be 50 champions mentioned here, meaning the remaining will be left out entirely.

The most important piece to consecrate is the parameters that will be used to determine which champions top others. The criteria will follow three important aspects:

Fluidity of kit:

This means how smoothly the abilities fit together, and how well abilities compliment each other. This means that a character like Warwick will not make the list because his abilities are clunky and outdated.


This criteria simply means how interesting and intriguing the champion is to watch and play. It’s always fun to see a Vayne or a Zed make a crazy outplay, and these champions will get a slight edge over wave-clear gods such as Ziggs.

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This should be self-explanatory. Champions that bring something special to the Rift will be given extra points.

Special Moments:

All of the parameters listed are subjective, but this is the one that can be most objectively judged. We don’t want to get too much into what a special moment is right now because that would spoil the surprises revealing later, so we’ll just leave it as iconic moments in the public eye with said champion. This does go partially hand-in-hand with the enjoyment factor.

Of course, this is an opinionated piece, and the list is inherently subjective. Keep that in mind! Your list is most likely very different, but remember, it’s just for fun.

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