50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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42. Volibear

Following along the same vein of split-pushing, turret-taking monsters, Volibear makes it to number 42 on the list.

Volibear is one of the most simple champs to make it on the list, and part of the reason is inherent in that fact. His simplicity of design is what makes him great for beginners and strong in solo queue. He’s fun to play with because he has a run in and make chaos mentality, and he seems to always be viable. Champions that are straight-forward like this are able to last throughout any meta, largely because they don’t have such a high reliance on item power spikes and efficiency. As long as Volibear is able to make it to your ADC, his job is done.

He has numerous tools to make him useful in different scenarios, such as his AoE damage for teamfights, single target damage on his bite for 1v1s and a massive pool of regenerating health for tanking from his passive. All of this combined makes a straightforward, fun, chaos-causing tank that can’t be left out of the list.

Even pros have tried to whip out the bear, but to little or no success, however. This isn’t surprising, though, because his desires are very telegraphed. As soon as he uses his Q, you know he’s charging in, and a strong team should be able to kite using crowd control. Don’t let this fool you into thinking he’s a weak champion, though, because he’s essentially ban-worthy at any time for solo queue.

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