50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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41. Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is a champion that brings a lot of diversity to the Rift. Throughout the years we’ve seen numerous varying builds become meta, such as the one-shot build that is complete with a slew of full AD items, or the full tank build that uses Cinderhulk and all. Although most of Jarvan’s damage is front-loaded into a simple E-Q-R combo, it’s surprisingly reliable and does a hefty amount of AoE damage. This is what brings Jarvan to this point of the list — his ability to seamlessly combine abilities, one after another, making it look as if it’s one long chain. You can E-Q directly into an ult, launching your opponent into the air while dunking him with Cataclysm. This fulfilling combo is what allows him to be so strong throughout so many metas.

Unfortunately for Jarvan, this all-in is designed as such and leaves him with no escapes. This is a blatant weakness, but that is what would be designated as positive champion design. He does not posses a ridiculously overloaded kit, is fun to play as and against, and most importantly, has counterplay. If he fails in blowing up a target with his abilities, he has relatively high cooldowns and nothing to do. This is what makes Jarvan such a fun champion, and it’s why he’s at number 41.

This video shows full AD Jarvan being pulled out even on the LCS stage, showing that there truly is a diversity of possibilities with the champion. It’s always so satisfying to see an assassin go off.

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