50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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40. Sivir

Speaking of unique champions, Sivir is a simplistic character that truly brings something special to the Rift. A champion that takes the role of a carry and yet possesses an ultimate entirely devoted to contributing stats to the rest of the team contains an inherent contradiction that is simply intriguing. No other character has such a notable conflict that works so effectively in solo queue as well as the highest echelon’s of competitive play. When ulting as a Sivir in solo queue, you can carry your team just on the simple fact that you pressing the R key is signifying that it’s time to fight. Everybody will know in one instant that you’re ready to charge into the enemy team, and you boost their ability to do so. Similarly, in the LCS, where battles can be determined by split-second decision making and auto cancels, a drastic AoE boost in stats and AoE damage that will flow from Sivir lends itself to a team-based carry.

When an ADC player picks Sivir, it is a sign that you are prepared to hand over some of your carrying potential. She’s not designed in such a way to be able to solo carry games, though it is possible as it is with any champion.

Sivir is also a champion used to be a crutch for people who may not have the strongest mechanics. Because of her ease of use and simplicity, she can be easily learned and used at high levels by ADC’s that may be less skilled.

That does not mean that an extremely good Sivir player can’t carry, though — just watch this.

This was one of the flashiest pentas seen on the main stage. Sivir’s unmatched teamfight prowess is amazing to see.

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