50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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39. Udyr

It would be disingenuous to talk about Udyr’s merits as a champion without discussing Trick2g.

The innovation that has been permitted through this champion, particularly when in Trick’s hands, is an embodiment of successes of champion design. There is the capability to build him selectively, to the point where AP can even be an attractive option.

His massive diversity does not come without its drawbacks, however, as playing against an Udyr can be one of the most frustrating experiences in the game. Because of how unfun and unbeatable his gameplay can be at times, he loses some points, but the positive aspects certainly remain pertinent.

Udyr, not unlike Nasus, allowed an entirely new style of playing the game to be introduced. Instead of focusing around teamfights, split-pushing or neutral objectives, he focused solely on securing turrets. This style, also referred to as “The Gates,” is what makes him so fun to watch. Trick2g can pull off this type of gameplay no matter how he builds him, and that is a testament to the unique champion design.

Of course, the ability to build infinitely different builds does not automatically qualify a champion for strong champion design, but it does allow for diversity of the playing experience, which is of course, important.

This video, taken multiple seasons back as you can tell from the interface, would not have been possible on any other character. Though it may cause tilt to witness gameplay like this, it certainly is unique.

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