50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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38. Sona

Sona is a support that has been around for many years. She had not be at her peak for multiple seasons, but back in Season 3 she was the epitome of a great support. And, her recent buff has made her insanely strong. She has a heal, damage, CC and aura effects that help the team in many distinct situations. She became a staple of many team compositions, from 2v2 lane dominant teams, to wombo-combo comps and even peeling ones.

This well-rounded and generally balanced kit made her a reliable and stable support for a respectable amount of time before champions like Thresh were introduced which have blatantly stronger abilities.

She may have not see consistent play in solo queue or competitive play until the buff happened, but at least she’s getting the attention she deserves now. The role she played in the history of consecrating the support role deserves a special place on the list.

As for where she could go in the future, in terms of more serious reworks, most of her iconic nature is the ability to change auras, and her ultimate. As long as she has those two features, she should feel like the Sona we all know and love. She’s generally not too oppressive to lane against (until now) but she still brings all of the aspects we need — an embodiment of the support role.

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