50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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36. Elise

Along the same vein as Jayce, another champion with an entire extra set of abilities to access is Elise. She can pull off certain maneuvers that others would be incapable of completing due to her extra tools at her disposal. This makes it fun to watch the best players in the world master the champion and bring her full potential to light.

The reason a lot of people enjoy seeing Elise is because of her ability to almost match a Lee Sin in terms of early aggression, and that’s not something many junglers can do. The long range crowd control found with her cocoon allows her to pull off early-game ganks, as well as win duels if she can get the jump on the opponent. This means that her play style facilitates high-action gameplay, something that is always more fun to be involved with than farming matches. Accelerating the gameplay in this manner also adds to a great viewer experience, and her comparability to Lee Sin gives a viable option when one team tries to smother you with early ganks.

She helps balance the game, has a high skill cap, and is great in skirmishes, but the one major flaw is her teamfight is very weak. This is a strong champion limitation because in a teamfight her only job is to essentially try to stun key targets here and there and that’s all. This prevents a great Elise from having a strong impact late-game, though all of her advantage is meant to be earned early anyways.

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