50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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33. Lulu

Lulu is a champion that gave birth to a team compositions entirely on her own, so of course she earns a spot on this list. She created the “Juggermaw” concept by being a support that could go mid lane, or even top lane, and empower a Kog’Maw to be a destructive machine. The unique way her character is able to flex into so many roles, while also facilitating compositions around her, makes her unique in a way few other champions are.

Additionally, her simplicity is deceptive because of her exceptional reliance on timing. Ultimates, shields and polymorphs have to be timed precisely for a Lulu player to be playing at their full potential. She also can deal a surprising amount of damage while protecting her team. Lining up Glitter Lances to hit multiple members of the enemy team is a prime way to chunk health during a teamfight, and she contains all of these capabilities. Even with all of these potential ways of carrying fights, she does not feel oppressive or overloaded as a character. She generally feels balanced appropriately while contributing greatly to the game as a whole.

The way Bjergsen plays this teamfight is a perfect example of a completely different style to playing Lulu. He essentially is flanking the entire fight, causing as much of a disturbance as possible, and manages to even solo kill the enemy Azir.

It takes a special kind of champion paired with a special kind of player to be able to pull off such slick moves.

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