50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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29. Shen

Moving from a support of the bottom lane to a support of the top, Shen is one of the most team reliant champions in the entire game. He does nearly no damage and no damage oriented builds are very viable on him. He relies totally on map awareness and team cooperation to work together to win the game. He has a massive shield to donate to one person on the map, and choosing this target is the most important mechanic of the champion.

Basically, Shen can’t do all that much other than save a teammate. This makes playing him a very selfless decision.

Beyond this, he can also use this ultimate in an offensive manner. There are potential compositions centered around getting Shen into the backline by using another champion. This can work with Twitch, Nocturne, Rengar or any other champion that will get to the enemy team. It’s most interesting when done with one of the previously mentioned stealth champions because he can begin teleporting to a teammate while they are invisible and randomly appear in the backline to set up CC for the team.

The constant pressure Shen puts on all three lanes is unique in a way that no other champ can provide, and he does so in a supportive manner. This completes a well-rounded character in a unique and fun to watch way. This is another champion where players at the highest level can make it more enjoyable to watch by showing more coordination than you thought possible.

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