50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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28. Nidalee

Nidalee is one of the most obnoxious junglers to face, particularly due to her early-game power. She is able to clear minions in a way no other jungler can and can accrue CS advantages of massive amounts very quickly. Because of this, she can occasionally have a one-track mind where her focus is completely on farming while neglecting lanes.

Fortunately, she has one of the few different ganking techniques as well! She can throw spears over walls while farming or simply walk by to give quick heals. This fits in perfectly with her farming-oriented style. It allows her to impact lanes while maintaining an overwhelmingly high amount of CS. She also is one of the few champions, like a few other on the list, that have the ability to access an entire extra set of abilities.

Not only does she have all of this going for her, but she also used to be a prominent mid laner. Before her rework, she was one of the most enjoyable mages to play mid lane, especially when you would land a spear to 100-0 an enemy.

This clip from the old Nidalee embodies most of what is enjoyable about League of Legends all in one short video. Bjergsen is able to get a quadra kill while his opponents are in the fountain still, and in a competitive game as well.

It might be a good thing that mid lane Nidalee has been removed from the game, but the one-shot spears are missed.

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