50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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26. Viktor

Viktor has become a staple of the mid lane, particularly after his mini rework. This changed his laser from applying burn damage when upgraded, to applying a second burst of damage, as well as some other minor buffs. Now that his ultimate ticks damage every second or so, rather than burning damage over time, he has more front-end burst than ever before. He has one of the highest damage kits in the game and is focused around map control based on wave-clear. This has made him a top pick for competitive play for the past couple seasons.

Even though some spectators may have gotten tired of seeing him repeatedly played professionally and in solo queue, there’s no denying the quality of his design. He has a kit that flows between abilities seamlessly, particularly after upgrading his Q. When this happens, and a decent amount of cooldown reduction is obtained, he has a permanently effective speed boost and shield, on top of the massive damage that he already pours out.

Although most of his abilities are straightforward, his laser is tricky to use and maximizing the damage output is what separates the good from the great. It’s used similarly to Rumble’s ultimate, with a click and drag style of approach, but the constant need to use it to wave-clear while poking the enemy means you need to consistently be on top of you game to maximize your effectiveness.

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