50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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23. Lux

Lux is a champion that has sadly fallen out of favor in recent seasons, even though historically she has been one of the most popular mid laners. She is capable of strong wave clear, catch potential and objective stealing. Elise and Morgana are common champions to be paired with Lux due to each having a long range CC skillshot that is guaranteed to hit if only one of them lands a skill.

Other wave-clearing mids have surpassed Lux in recent times, probably due to her passive being useless unless you are in auto attack range of your opponent, and because her cooldowns are so high that her damage is unreliable. Her late-game damage cannot compare to that of a Ziggs or Xerath, and her cooldowns are much higher, meaning her DPS will be naturally lower.

Before she fell out of the meta, however, Lux was a staple champion that was seen in professional play and a majority of solo queue games. She had very strong laning phase, and with proper vision control, it was easy to use her kit to create picks to build that laning lead even higher.

It would be great to see Lux return, though it is unlikely unless there are changes made. Her abilities flow together perfectly and her ultimate is one of the most fun abilities in the game. It was surprising to see she was not going to be part of the recent mage update as she is such an old champion. That simply goes to prove how good her champion design was, however, if she still remains even remotely viable after all of this time.

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