50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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49. Ryze

Ryze is a difficult champion to rate, mostly because his kit is designed in such a way where he can be either unreasonably strong or unbelievably weak. He either will be able to use his combo to one-shot a target or walk up and die.

Seeing more reworks in the past year than Yorick and Warwick combined, the blue mage remains in the meta constantly. For some reason, Riot has some inexplicable attraction to having Ryze be perfectly balanced, while neglecting other champions. Anyways, their attention they give him has only slightly paid off, as he remains shaky in terms of balance.

The real reason this champion has made it to the list is because of his unique design. Even if he can be unfun to play against, and may be simplistic, the simple idea of a mana-focused, mage, off-tank was special enough to land on the list. Especially back in previous seasons where he would build items such as frozen heart, which is just something not seen on any other AP casters. His constant attention has always left him seeing professional play as well.

There’s a debate to be had about Ryze, but the fact is no champion can give you quite the same experience as him.

Surprisingly, so many years of constant competitive exposure has yielded nearly no memorable moments for Ryze. There have been notable showcases of his imbalance, which aren’t necessarily snapshots of the past that we want  to remember, but they do stick in our heads nonetheless.

This was the official moment when Ryze was diagnosed as busted. It’s hard to not feel sympathy for the poor victim.

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