50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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19. Jinx

Jinx is one of the only champions with a full-fledged music video, and the song to go along with it is fantastic.

The song fits the character perfectly as it goes into her insane antics and does so with a pop-punk-rock fusion.

The animation for the video is superb quality as well, making it a great supplement for Jinx fans.

The real reason she’s on the list, however, is not due to her music video, which is undoubtedly fun — it’s because of her gameplay.

Jinx manages to have the ability to pull off teamfights in a strange way, being an ADC that is reliant on resets. The only other ADC with a comparable style would be Tristana, but the resets she possess are entire jumps, rather than a boost in speed.

Jinx has a Q which allows her to rotate between a mini-gun and a rocket, both of which have different styles when dealing damage. The first is for raising attack speed on single targets, and the second is for AoE splash damage. Because of this, she can swap back and forth to maximize her damage output, particularly when microing in teamfights.

If this wasn’t enough, she has a fantastic ultimate, which allows her to snipe a target across the entire map with a nuke that does more damage the lower the health of the target. This allows for crazy Baron and Dragon steals, and fun kills on straggling enemies. This is always a fan favorite.

Not much compares to seeing this type of play live, and thanks to Jinx, there are plenty of them.

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