50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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18. Irelia

It’s sad to hear that Irelia’s up for a rework, especially since she’s such a staple champion of the top lane and has been for such a long time. The reset on her Q when she kills a target with it allows her to juke opponents and break ankles. Her E also has an interesting interaction that changes depending on the relative health of your target.

Her entire kit is actually very simple and straightforward, and like other members on this list, this is to her benefit. She is one of the most basic champions in the game, but high skill plays still allow leeway in making jaw-dropping plays. Again, this goes back to the ability for the Q to reset on killing the target. Her ultimate permits her to get a minion low enough to kill, and this creates chances for ability combinations and fluid use of her kit.

To be honest, there isn’t much else to be said about this champion, so just watch this clip.

This is a moment from Season 2 World’s where Mike “Wickd” Petersen was being camped by Shen. He spent about 100 seconds straight dealing with constant taunt attempts until he was able to turn it around, using the E stun and the Q reset. He sadly was only able to pick up one of the kills, but it was still a moment for the history books.

This play is also telling of how much League of Legends has changed, because nowadays making a solo play like this is nearly unheard of — it used to happen much more frequently.

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