50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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17. Lucian

The two-gun toting monster known as Lucian has some of the smoothest gameplay in the entire game. His passive permits seamless transitions from auto attacks to abilities and allows constant high levels of DPS. The way his passive is active after every use of an ability creates a situation where he can constantly be doing more to keep ramping up damage in a way that most champions can’t. If you look at another ADC, such as Twitch, which is a totally viable and respectable champion, there is little you can do to increase your damage output after hitting R. You simply must kite and deal as much as possible. The catch with Lucian is that there is always more to be done, particularly when considering how his ultimate has the potential to melt a target. Getting a full channel of his ultimate off, after combining multiple passive shots, almost always guarantees a kill.

Because Lucian is a combination of the 1v1 masters such as Vayne, with the teamfighting legends such as Miss Fortune, it is easy to find a ridiculous play from the LCS. He’s constantly picked or banned due to his reliable constant damage output, strong laning phase and high mobility in late-game teamfights.

Lucian has passed through multiple build phases, ending when the ADC item rework came through. Initially, in his Season 3 release, he would build Trinity Force and Bloodthirster — a build which was entirely unique to him. Unfortunately, he’s outgrown this path, but it was fun while it lasted.

Because there’s simply so many Lucian plays, here are five great ones to sit back and enjoy!

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