50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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15. Syndra

The queen of balls is here to breach the top 15. Syndra has always been a fan favorite, especially considering the fact that she was a pocket pick for fan favorite Bjergsen, as well as Faker. Both enjoyed taking her out in specific siege or pick compositions that she excels in. She fills a particular niche effectively of being able to nuke a target from 100 to 0 in nearly no time, while also having strong AoE and zoning potential with her spheres.

There are some minute mechanics that are possible with this champion that propel her so high on this list, one being the fact that you can drop an orb while ulting to add another ball to the volley. This does massive amounts of bonus damage, because if you manage to land the Q, you get that damage plus the bonus damage on her ultimate. She truly is the master of blowing up one target.

Who could forget Bjergsen’s famous pentakill on Syndra? His team, the Copenhagen Wolves, were famously struggling horrendously throughout the entire split, going 0-8, but managed to pick up a win on this pocket champion. It was likely this moment that caught TSM’s eye.

The highlight of this play was certainly the flash by Martin “Deficio” Lynge near the end of the play to secure the penta. It seemed as though the Lulu was going to escape until the support valiantly used everything to confirm the kill for his mid laner.

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