50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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14. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is a champion that could not have been left out of the list. She is one of the ADCs that has a particularly unique playstyle, focused completely around tower sieges and poke. Because of this, she lacks some damage and does not do enough to burn tanks truly until very late-game. This requires teams to find other ways to win with her, such as utilizing her range to punish an opponent in a 2v1 or a preferable lane matchup. Another possible way is to match her with a support that can use her traps effectively. One popular trick is to have a support initiate some form of crowd control, such as a Blitzcrank hook or a Nami bubble, and then place the trap under the immobilized champion. This gives Caitlyn a free headshot proc, as well as keeps the target in the same position for an even longer time.

Her constant use of auto attacks to burn targets down and keep them off of CS is fun to watch, especially when in the hands of a master. Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou is a famous example of a player who does everything he can to obtain every tiny advantage, even fighting over every single CS. Champions like Caitlyn excel at this, and this is why she is a favorite of his.

All of this goes without saying that she has some of the best live moments due to her ultimate. This gem from the LCS was always a crowd-pleaser.

The incomprehensible screaming is the highlight for a lot of people, and if you look at the face cams of the players, it is also pretty hilarious.

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