50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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13. Twisted Fate

Lucky number 13. Twisted Fate and his blue cards have been a priority pick in the mid lane for years. His ability to put pressure on all three lanes at once makes him an unrivaled pick. He can be a crutch for failing lanes in solo queue or a king of strategic prowess. Also, late-game he can basically one-shot a squishy target.

All of this together makes a character devoted to assisting the team in whatever way possible. He is a wave-clearing monster which allows him to need minimal ganks, though he has a great tool to set one up with his gold card. He may not pour out as much damage as a Viktor or Azir, but he can neutralize an opponent with his constant stuns, waveclear and map pressure.

Twisted Fate is iconic at high levels of play because of his heavy emphasis on macro strategy. Apdo is a famous player known for his Twisted Fate play, which can be seen here.

This short clip obviously doesn’t show Apdo’s full potential, and the true mastery is in the minutia that he performs flawlessly at the highest levels of Korean solo queue, but at least it shows something.

He manages to uphold an 80% win rate or higher in Korean Challenger on this champion, though he can play many, he’s most famous for his Twisted Fate. He gets all of these wins by maximizing map pressure and wave-clear potential while poking down his lane opponent. He is a true master of the champion and shows us why TF is at number 13.

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