50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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11. What?

Before we get into our top 10, let’s take a moment to mention something real quick.

Something that is frequently forgotten when people view these lists is the nature of subjectivity. What someone thinks is “good” or “fun,” might not be to other people. Singed is the least favorite champion in the entire game to a lot of people, but it’s also easy to see how people could enjoy his gameplay.

Basically, the message of this is to not take lists, just not this one, so seriously. Sure, they’re fun and can provoke some nice discussion, but that’s all they’re meant for.

So, take this time to put your favorite champion in here. If you love a champion that’s not on the list, tell us why it should be here in the comment section. We would love to hear what you guys think. If you think Kog’Maw is the best champion in the history of League, tell us that! Just don’t try to sell us on Yorick (alright, you can, but you better have a good sales pitch).

Anyways, let’s get back to the list and break into the top 10! We’re getting close to the end. If you’ve made it this far, bless you.

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