50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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10. Vayne

You made it all the way to the top 10! Congratulations, you’ve read way too many words than anyone should in one day. Has this turned into a novel? What is going on? Please, help.

Anyways, landing at number 10 is Vayne, a hyper-carry like no other. It’s hard to even know where to begin with a champion like this. She has so much history of famous outplays and a kit that can tilt even the most level-headed of us.

Her ultimate is what really allows most of the Vayne nonsense that you see on YouTube. She becomes a dueling monster that is capable of winning a 1v1 versus nearly any champion. This is in part due to her percent health true damage on her W, plus her invisibility from her ultimate. These two combined make her extremely hard to lock down and a perfect tank shredder.

Thankfully, Vayne has weaknesses that balance out her strengths. One of these weaknesses is her low auto attack range which makes champions such as Caitlyn, who massively out-range her, strong counters.

Her other weakness is her inability to clear waves. This can make Rapid Firecannon to increase auto attack range or Statikk Shiv to increase wave-clear attractive items to purchase. Choosing an appropriate build path is key on Vayne because it can help patch some of her blatant weaknesses and get her to a point of the game where she’s unstoppable.

Vayne basically becomes a queen chess piece once she reaches a certain strength. She can easily out damage most ADCs, often without even requiring a use of her ultimate. Good luck against a fed Vayne and do all you can to keep her down.

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