50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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9. Anivia

Anivia is a champion on the list that may surprise some of you. She is well known for her strong wave-clear and late-game damage, but what truly puts her on the list is her niche position in competitive play.

Henrik “Froggen” Hansen currently plays mid lane for Echo Fox, but he is most famous for his time on CLG EU, also known as Evil Geniuses, a team which dominated Europe for a stretch of time in Season 2. They were able to take many first place finishes, but what everybody remembered about the team was their mid laner. Froggen was able to pick a champion that nobody else seemed to play, Anivia, and play it at such a high level that he decimated other top mid laners of the time period.

This iconic champion became a special pick, which made League of Legends all the more exciting to watch. Seeing such off-meta picks become so emblematic of a particular roster was truly unique.

This 60-minute slugfest between the two major teams at the time ended with a pick from Froggen’s Anivia.

Anivia doesn’t posses a particularly spectacular kit, but her special moments on the LCS stage are what brings her all the way to number nine.

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