50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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8. LeBlanc

LeBlanc saw little to no professional play until Faker decided to bring her to the main stage back before Season 3 World’s. This was when he began his undefeated streak on the champion, which was ended back at Season 5’s MSI. In a Spring Split of OGN, he famously went 10-0-1 by 18 minutes, forcing the enemy team to /ff by 20 minutes into the game.

Such absolute domination against other top squads hadn’t been seen by professional teams until Faker popularized it. He was able to do what seemed to only be possible in low elo solo queue games, and his play on LeBlanc is a huge part of what solidified his status as a legend.

Granted, this was back when the champion possessed a silence on top of her massive damage, but Faker surpassed what any other person could achieve with the champion.

Part of what makes Leblanc such a fun champion is her ability to mimic skills. This is a part of her ultimate that allows true masters to rise above the rest. Mimicking the correct ability is imperative to maximizing damage and choosing it in the heat of battle is difficult.

If you needed any more reasons for LeBlanc to be on the list, consider the fact that she is a champion based on mechanics and the quick utilization of all of her skills. It’s certainly a satisfying feeling to burst down a carry by sneaking through the backline as the deceiver.

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