50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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7. Yasuo

Yasuo is a champion constantly criticized for his “faceroll” gameplay, where the argument is that much of his kit is just mashing as many buttons as possible and becoming somewhat untargetable because of unmatched mobility. This statement could contain some merit in some of the lower divisions, but in the higher tiers of play, where every move must be measured or it will be punished, Yasuo is one of the most beautiful champions to spectate. Players at the highest level have all shown us the grace of perfectly calculated duels, and even China was home to one of the most iconic 1v1s of all-time, which featured a Yasuo.

The amount of skill that goes into this one particular duel could only be matched by a select few other champions. He uses his dashes perfectly and blocked as many spells as possible with his Windwall. Without fast-paced, high-action champions like Yasuo, we would be missing out on a lot as viewers of the game.

Also, his kit simply flows (see what I did there) perfectly. The fact that a dash through an enemy allows for the Q to be used while moving creates a fluidity that makes the champion artful.

There are aspects of the champion that potentially could use tweaking, such as the cooldown on his Q, or the fact that his critical strike is literally doubled, but all of that is made up for with his ultimate. On such a carry champion, it is unique to see such a team-reliant ultimate. This ultimate can be capitalized on if you use your Q knockup perfectly, but a well-coordinated team can masterfully set up a Yasuo for a game-winning ult.

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