50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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6. Blitzcrank

Somewhere along the journey of this list, supports were lost. They are the true carries of the laning phase down bot and they deserve as much credit as they can get. Blitzcrank is one of the champions that may be old, may have a poor design, but he is simply too fun to ignore.

The amount of joy from different amazing moments in LCS that have come from Blitzcrank games is unparalleled.

Take, for example, this play from CLG multiple splits ago.

This was extremely exciting to see as it required copious amounts of trust in your team and yourself. The support had to be aware that he could not only land the hook after flashing, but that his partner would accurately pull him back at the appropriate time. This coordination was amazing to see.

Another amazing moment comes from the legend himself — Hong “MadLife” Min-gi. He used to be so advanced and so far ahead of other players at the time that he could predict how long people would take to travel in the fog of war. He would then hook over the wall, blind, and get his target.

This particular play is of him hooking somebody out of a Thresh lantern in solo queue, which is impressive, but not the most impressive for him. He does things like this on a relatively regular basis, and under the pressure of a live audience in LCK.

The reason Blitzcrank is so important is because he allowed supports to shine in a time when supports were meant to be nothing more than a meat shield. MadLife and others were able to turn an entire role on its head using this champion, and he deserves all the credit we can give him.

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