50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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5. Orianna

Orianna is pretty much the mother of the mid lane, considering the fact that she’s been around for so long and has always been viable. Even in a meta where mages are completely out and assassins are in, she holds her ground in a way no other champions can. This is exactly what good champion design should do. She has a remarkably fluid kit where everything feels like an extension of yourself.

This is all compounded upon the fact that she has an amazing ult, and for so many different reasons. You can use it as an AoE nuke or set up an ultimate for another character, like Yasuo. She can peel with it or even use it on herself. Also, she can have it positioned effectively with a delivery system such as a Nocturne or a Rengar. She simply has immense team interaction, is supportive, and does an exceedingly high amount of damage.

This is why she manages to remain relevant throughout all metas. She has so many different tools at her disposal, and a good Orianna can support the team while carrying it.

This clip shows perfectly what a good Orianna can do for a team. She holds the team right on top of the Equalizer perfectly and decimates the entire squad. She does all of this while shielding and applying slows to as many people as possible.

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