50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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4. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is the epitome of a champion with a high skill cap. There are moves that you can pull off with Lee Sin that are not even remotely possible with any other character. He has an extremely smooth kit, with the ability to seamlessly tie abilities together in unique ways, while also having massive outplay potential. He is basically the apex of a skill champion. He is criticized for not having a strong late-game, but if you build Lee full AD and land multiple-man ultimates, you will certainly scale well enough.

There is always a way for a great lee sin to make an amazing play, which is what makes him so fun to watch. He can be frustrating to play because of his difficulty, but once you master him, your enjoyment will skyrocket.

Seeing this play live for the first time was a sight to remember for sure. It showed innovation in a game that was constantly changing, and on one of the hardest champions to master. He quickly had thousands of hopeful solo queue players attempting to recreate his plays, but fortunately, they’re mostly reserved for the best of us.

Any champion that gives you multiple ways to complete a play has a spectacular design, and with Lee, there’s always more than one.

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