50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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3. Zed

A nightmare for ADCs, Zed comes in at number three. Now that we’ve hit the top three champions, it’s fairly certain that each is on the list for some sort of self-explicable reason, and considering the fact that this list is comprised of champions that have special moments, you all know what’s coming next.

This moment surely pulled many players, into wanting to play Zed. Faker managed to make jaws drop when he horribly outplayed another Zed in a 1v1 during a Game 5 blind pick match in OGN back in Season 3. This is likely the greatest League of Legends moment of all-time, and it happened on a stage in front a live crowd. This gem is something to aspire to, something that leads many to dream big, although few will ever achieve a play even close to as distinguished.

Just remember that when a moment like this happens, it is the perfect storm of a good champion, a good player and a good circumstance, so for the best moment in the history of League of Legends to happen, it must have been with a well-designed champion.

Zed is famous for his outplay potential, and for allowing the best players to shine. This clip is a perfect example of that, as Faker is able to outplay someone from nearly no health. The speed of each ability is almost too fast to follow unless you view it multiple times. Good luck following The Unkillable Demon King

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