50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

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47. Draven

The number one alpha of the League community brings plenty of unique aspects to the game. The mechanic of axe-catching is extremely distinctive and truly allows a highly skilled player to shine a cut above his opponents. Being able to micro your axes to a desired location, while kiting back and keeping track of enemy positions and cooldowns is what makes a great Draven player so fun to watch.

On top of all of that, he has another unique feature in his ultimate, which can be utilized impressively on its return. Flashing to redirect the blades to another direction to secure a kill is one of the flashiest plays available, and has brought some cool clips into the limelight.

It was also painful to see him terrorize the bot lane back when his passive issued a slow bleed of damage for every axe landed on an enemy, but with his new passive which matches his lore more accurately, he’s a strong and cool champion. They even bust him out in the LCS from time to time, though it usually doesn’t work as well as you’d hope…

Anyways, this champion embodies a fluid design of abilities that contain copious amounts of synergy and he’s one of the most enjoyable champions released.

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